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Boss came back from his hols and came in especially this morning to give me a pat on the back before flying back out, to Milan this time, for a QBR. And so I'm left to hold the fort for another week.

I find myself wishing more and more that I didn't have to go when J. returns to work on Oct 4th. Boss is the best manager ever: he trusts me and lets me get on with things, yet is always there to support me if I need him. He teaches and encourages me to go with my gut on the issues I'm confronted with, and if I have a problem, he'll take time out to talk it through reasonably and calmly until I arrive at the solution myself.

He tells me he's impressed with my work so far, and the fact that we are making progress in our efforts to improve CSAT scores across the board is largely down to me and my amazing communication skills. He says that from his point of view, I'm the ideal deputy, who understands the business goals and needs little or no direction in achieving them. He says a lot of complimentary things like that, and he means them, too.

I wish there could be more managers like him out there.
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