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Fuck! Fuck! Fuckity fuck!

Caroline's just called. She's gone and lost me my cat.

She went out and the cat must have slipped out with her. When she came back and saw there was only the one cat in the flat, she went right out again and got some kitty snacks. The way she tells it she's been prowling through people's front gardens, shaking her kitty snack box and going "Pusspusspuss" for hours.

So we won't be going to the pictures tonight. We'll be stretched out on our bellies on the cold wet pavement looking under cars for Clio.



Dec. 17th, 2003 08:23 am (UTC)
is clio an indoor only kitty? if so, she's probably right by your flat. if there's anything i've learned from gil the houdini-cat, it's that indoor only kitties never go more than 100 feet from their normal indoor environs (i had to get people from the ASPCA cattery and the siamese rescue to tell me that before i'd believe it). put kitty food out on your stoop or doorstep, & observe carefully. if you have access to a back garden, even better. "varmit traps" are wonderful things as well, if clio's resistant to kitty wrangling.
Dec. 17th, 2003 08:54 am (UTC)
Yes, luckily, Clio is an indoor kitty only. She's escaped once before (I say escaped, but she actually fell down from the balcony) and stayed out for 3 long days and nights. And in the end, I found her sitting under the bushes next to the apartment block's main entrance.

I'm sure she'll be back soon. But what with Leila succombing to struvite stones again, and her disappearing act, my kitties aren't half causing me worry today!