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Gloomy Sunday

In the Bible, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and the earth was turned into a waterworld. By my calculations, it has now been raining for 51 days at a stretch, and I imagine I know exactly how Noah and his family must have felt all cooped up in their little Ark. Already, our Met have declared this the 'wettest summer since 1930', and it doesn't seem as if there'll be an end in sight any time soon.

I wouldn't mind, only...the leaden skies depress me; and when I'm depressed, I tend to eat far more chocolate than is good for me, which leads to me no longer fitting comfortably in my trousers; which fact would lead to even more depression, except that I have a plan: I'll go on a diet as soon as my contract expires. There's no point of going on one now as there's cake almost every other day at work, as the Sales department always seem to have something to celebrate: if it isn't the opening of a new shop in-shop or store in-store or some record-breaking deal, it'll be somebody's birthday. Which means I'm already racking my brains as to what treats I'm going to bring into the office in a fortnight, when it'll be mine. I do hope it'll stop raining then, if only for the day...
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