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Mum asked me what plans I had for celebrating my birthday. As always, I replied that I didn't have any. There's no point when, like mine, one's birthday falls within the 6 week period that all the world and his wife are off on holiday. It used to bother me when I was a child and no one would remember to send me any cards, let alone come and give me any presents; but after nearly half a century I think it's fair to say that I really know no different, and I've given up inviting people and watch them not turn up years ago.

I'm glad I seem to have missed another DDoS attack on LJ in the past week. It makes me feel better about not having been here since last Sunday, and even then it was just a drive by post. As this will have to be: I've been suffering from acute conjunctivitis since last Thursday and cannot really read/type all that well. I hope it'll have cleared up sufficiently by Monday to enable me to go back to work, and so I take care to take my eye drops every two hours as prescribed, and apply the ointment I've been given every night before bed. I do think my eyes are starting to look better already, but I am worried that the problem may have been caused by my contacts, or rather, me not applying the proper care and hygiene there. You know how it is with routines; after a while, you start to get sloppy. Well, I'm paying the price for it now...

I should be updating my cv really, but I'll postpone it until I can see better, I think. I'm going to have to think about what sort of job I should start looking for as well, as even though I knew I was only on a temporary contract, I have preferred not to think about that too much over the last 3 months. However, several people who have also been on 6- to 12-month contracts have since had their last day in the office, with coffee and cake and farewell speeches, so that doesn't bode well for my own chances of staying on.

And still, the weather hasn't improved :(.
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