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My boss took me out to lunch today. He'd originally planned it as an early birthday surprise, until I told him it's bad luck to mark a birthday before it comes around. So he re-named it 'a Hedwig appreciation, definitely nothing to do with any upcoming birthday whatsoever'-lunch, and invited Joany (who'll be back from her maternity leave on Oct 3rd) along, but failed to inform her of my supersticious beliefs. So she brought me a present, which I haven't opened yet, but which looks and feels suspiciously like a book, in its wrapping paper with the logo of a well-known book emporium on it. Never mind, I'll just have to take extra care not to run under a bus (again) in the next few days...

It was a really nice gesture, and I hope we can all stay in touch somehow after I leave. But I doubt we will. My previous manager, at the bank, texted me 2 months ago asking if we couldn't meet & catch up soon, but has not returned my calls since.
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