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My boss took me out to lunch today. He'd originally planned it as an early birthday surprise, until I told him it's bad luck to mark a birthday before it comes around. So he re-named it 'a Hedwig appreciation, definitely nothing to do with any upcoming birthday whatsoever'-lunch, and invited Joany (who'll be back from her maternity leave on Oct 3rd) along, but failed to inform her of my supersticious beliefs. So she brought me a present, which I haven't opened yet, but which looks and feels suspiciously like a book, in its wrapping paper with the logo of a well-known book emporium on it. Never mind, I'll just have to take extra care not to run under a bus (again) in the next few days...

It was a really nice gesture, and I hope we can all stay in touch somehow after I leave. But I doubt we will. My previous manager, at the bank, texted me 2 months ago asking if we couldn't meet & catch up soon, but has not returned my calls since.



Aug. 4th, 2011 08:13 pm (UTC)
I didn't know there was a superstition around early birthday celebrations

It's not a widespread supersticion; I'm not even sure it exists outside our family. But Mum would never let us celebrate our birthdays early, for fear we wouldn't reach them, so...

Do you get to keep all your nifty Apple gear when you leave?

Sadly, no - I have to give it all back. Which reminds me, I'd better buy something before my employee discount gets taken away from me as well!

And your observation about today's friendships is very true, I think ;-)