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My run of bad luck continues

The laptop remains well and truly lost. It's ironic that I had to go into a police station and report it missing soon after completing an online questionnaire about how often I dealt with the police and ticking the 'Rarely or Not at all'-box.

The next day, and after hearing that it was a MacBook, the Left Luggage-attendant declared that it was unlikely it would ever be handed in. I was surprised to hear it. Surely, I can't be the only honest person in The Netherlands, can I?

I had arranged to meet some of my former colleagues from the bank for dinner last night. I turned up at the Thai restaurant exactly on the appointed time but no one else turned up in the next hour, and they weren't answering their phones; so I left and stopped by a chippie on the way home. A day later and no one's called to apologise yet, which I think is rude in the extreme. Right now, the only excuse I'll accept is if they were run over and killed dead while en route to meet me.

And then I found a letter in the post this morning, from the Municipal Tax Office, informing me that they were expecting me to settle my arrears on the dog tax. Dog tax? Since when do I have a dog? They clearly have me confused with somebody else (perhaps the new neighbours, who do have a dog), but it's likely to take a couple of phone calls and maybe a visit from an inspector chappie before this gets sorted out.
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