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The other night as I stiffly got up to go to bed, the thought hit me that I was getting too old for sitting on the floor or the pouf for long hours every evening (for some reason, I hardly ever use the sofa), and that what I really wanted was a comfortable armchair to curl up and watch TV in. So I told myself that next time I paid a visit to Ikea, I'd see if I couldn't find one.

Fast forward two days and a friend came to visit, wanting to spend the afternoon window shopping in The Hague. We had a lovely, leisurely lunch; after which we wandered through the drizzly wet centre of town popping into several shops and boutiques, but doing very well for two ladies on a tight budget, until we happened to pass a furniture shop I hadn't seen before and I reminded myself I was in need of that comfortable armchair. "No harm in looking", I thought, and went in. And fell in love with the very first chair I encountered, less than 20 paces from the entrance. It was humongous (known in the trade as a 1 1/2 seater, I learned later), deep and wide and inviting, and I wanted it from the moment I sat down in it. But even while on special offer this weekend, the price tag showed it to be more expensive than my sofa. Clearly, I had to think about this...2 Minutes later I was choosing the fabric for the upholstery and discussing the treatment to make it dirt- and water repellent, and parting with my down payment.

Now I've got an anxious 10-12 weeks' wait to see if it'll fit through the front door and to come up with the rest of the money. But oh! I can't wait!
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