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Answers to the song meme in the previous post

01. Summer in the City, by The Lovin' Spoonful - funny, that no one could recall the name of the band...Those who recognised the lyrics get 1/2 a point, though
02. All I Know, by Basement Jaxx
03. Line of Best Fit, by Death Cab for Cutie
04. Autobahn, by Kraftwerk
05. Dance Hall Days, by Wang Chung - recognised by speakr2customrs
06. Sixteen Military Wives, by The Decemberists
07. A Perfect Hand, by David Byrne & Fatboy Slim
08. Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires, by Cocteau Twins famous for their non-sensical lyrics, I reckoned they'd be very hard to guess...and they were
09. Oliver's Army, by Elvis Costello with or without The Attractions - recognised by speakr2customrs
10. Blank Expression, by The Specials or the cover version by Lily Allen
11. Fly Me Away, by Goldfrapp
12. Hey Ya!, by Outkast
13. Birdhouse in Your Soul, by They Might Be Giants - recognised by bogwitch
14. Bigmouth Strikes Again, by The Smiths - recognised by bogwitch who deserves a bonus point for suggesting it might actually be Placebo's cover of it
15. Subterraneans, by David Bowie these are, in fact, the lyrics to the entire song...and they don't make any sense whatsoever
16. Faith, by George Michael - recognised by dalmeny
17. Hello, by Evanescence or, the embarrassing one I wasn't allowed to skip
18. Labyrinth, by The Cure
19. Love Song for a Vampire, by Annie Lennox - recognised by speakr2customrs
20. Some Kind of Wonderful, by Grand Funk though it's been covered so many times, I would have awarded the point to anyone who could name the song

And the winner is: speakr2customrs, who correctly identified 3 of these, closely followed by bogwitch, with 2 1/2. dalmeny comes in third place, with 1 point.
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