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Not with a whimper...

...that's how I'm hoping this year will end for me. Though it still might.

I can't believe I haven't been on LJ for a full fortnight when I've had no lack of things to talk about, but of course there were the continued DDoS-attacks I read about on LJ's Facebook page (it still cracks me up that LJ has a Facebook page)putting me off, and also my superstitious nature that believes that if you come on and talk about what you're most hoping to get (i.e., a job), it will likely never happen. And it still might not...but I've decided to throw caution to the wind and tell you about it anyway, as it just happens to make a good story, IMO.

The last you heard from me on the job hunt before this was that I wouldn't be adding the position of Quality Coordinator to my cv. That was a weird process to go through - I'd applied for it quite early on in my current stint of unemployment, had had an interview, and then didn't hear back from them for a week or two. Just as I was getting ready to phone and ask what was going on, they phoned and told me that they were going to re-advertise for the position as they'd had a re-think concerning the roles and responsibilities, but that my application would go forward as it had been largely due to the observations I'd made in the initial interview that they'd realised the job description as it stood had been unsatisfactory. A couple of more weeks went by and I was invited to a second interview, with both the Dutch (hosting) and European (reporting) executive managers of the organisation. The latter had to fly in from France for this especially.
What followed was the most chaotic interview I'd ever been in.

It started off as one would expect, with pleasantries and a run-through of my cv and qualifications, but then it quickly degenerated into a farce when the two gentlemen couldn't agree on anything to do with the job, the responsibilities or even the line of questioning, kept talking over and interrupting each other, and me, and had forgotten to book an interviewing room so that halfway through the meeting, we were kicked out of the one we were in and had to go searching through the building for another space to continue our conversation. We went in and out of lifts, up and down corridors and stairs, opening and closing doors at was a total shambles!
To cut a long story short, I soon realised if I took this job, I'd always be piggy-in-the-middle between these two managers who simply couldn't agree on anything, and brought an end to the proceedings.

One of the criteria for continuing to qualify for unemployment benefit in The Netherlands is that one applies for a certain number of jobs every week, and keeps the Job Centre apprised of this activity. Sometimes, when I can't find the required number of suitable job postings, I will slip in a CSR application, banking on a swift "you have not been selected as you do not fit the profile"-reply. After the fiasco related above, and with the week drawing to a close, I found myself dashing one of these off at the last minute. Imagine my annoyance when, out of all my applications for that week, that is the only one I get invited to an interview for! I am so annoyed, in fact, that I decide to not do any of my usual homework and just go in a perfect blank. On the way there, I happened to read an article on Social Media and how it can be used as a powerful means of communication in business. I decided to use my newly gained knowledge for the purpose of small talk...and found myself lecturing to a captive audience! It turns out this is exactly the Manager Consumer Care's hobby horse and she is currently trying to get a Webcare-project off the ground..."In that case", I told the supervisor conducting the interview, "be sure to warn her about A, B, and C", still paraphrasing the advice I'd read not an hour before. And after I had disclosed my salary demands, I shook hands and left the building secure in the knowledge that I'd successfully scuppered any chance I might have had of securing a job in customer services. How wrong can you be!

An invitation to come in for a second interview arrived two days later. This time with the supervisor I'd met before and the Manager Consumer Care. This interview took place yesterday. And even though I went in there thinking we were still discussing my candidacy for the CSR position, I'm glad I didn't pull out as I so nearly did because -- they only went and offered me the job of Project Manager Social Media!...which unfortunately doesn't exist yet. In fact, today's the day the Manager Consumer Care presents her carefully worked out plans to the Board for their endorsement, and if it is and she can get the budget for it, only then will the job be created for me. If not, then the search for employment continues. I should know my fate by the middle of next week at the latest.
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