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And the good news just keeps coming...

James Marsters is going to appear at the Moonlight Rising-convention in PA next year, and he's going to bring his band, Ghost of the Robot. That means there will be a musical interlude by both GotR and Common Rotation, who had confirmed earlier.

I'm going to be at that convention. It's going to be my first ever convention -I always thought they were the sole province of Trekkies-, and what's more, thanks to julchek's prompt action some months ago, I have a low badge number, which seems to mean nothing but good things.

Apparently, according to an e-mail the organisers have just sent me, it means I get an autograph. Not that I have any idea what I would want or do with one (I know myself well enough to know that I will lose it within 2 seconds, and then spend hours being strangely upset about that). And it means that if I do decide to go to the gig, I get a seat up front (whoever heard of seats at a gig? Aren't we going to be dancing in the aisles and getting crushed in the melée?).

Actually, I have no idea what occurs at these conventions. I have a mental picture of their being incredibly busy, noisy places where it's easy to lose your friends and any sense of the time of day; and that an entire weekend long. So why do I go? To meet the people I've been talking to online for months about Spike, BtVS and AtS, no doubt boring the socks off them although they've never said...people like julchek and calove; and hopefully, you.


Dec. 19th, 2003 06:47 am (UTC)
and the seats for the Q & As will be great.

Seeing as how I insist on bringing my heels, I probably will be grateful for them...;-)