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Well, hello 2012!

So far, you have not brought me any hope of a new job or relief from financial worries (the same thing, really), but you have brought me addictive television in the shape of Sherlock. A pity then, that this weekend's episode will be the last in the current series.

I have had a so-so morning: first, I had a near apoplectic fit when I found out that contrary to our agreement, my current utilities company had taken 238 euros out of my account, and when I called to complain, although the girl was as nice as she could be about it, proved unhelpful in the extreme in giving it back. I was informed in no uncertain terms that they could not rectify the mistake and that if I rescinded the payment, even if I then sent them a cheque for the 74 euros we had agreed on would be my monthly payment, I would be in immediate arrears and would be regarded (and treated) as a non-paying customer.

All the girl could advise me to do was wait until the end of May when my annual statement will be drawn up, and provided I don't go crazy on the use of gas and electricity in the coming months, the system will then automatically readjust my payments to a more realistic level. I won't receive any cash back, but I am likely to only have to pay a minimal amount for the next year.

Of course, I've only got the girl (Juliette)'s word for it...just as I had her colleague (Harriet)'s word for it last time I complained, as the confirmation in writing that I asked for and that she promised to send has never materialised. In short: I wish I had never switched providers! I will send them a letter of complaint, but I don't expect that it will do me any good. I'm stuck with Essent for the next year, but as soon as the contract comes up to its renewal date in December, it will give me great pleasure not to extend it and go back to my old provider, that never gave me any problems at all.

Still fuming after ringing off, I checked my e-mails and was put in a slightly better mood when I read that I had won a free pair of spectacles (frame & glasses!) through a comp I'd entered a few days earlier on Facebook. Now I gave up wearing glasses 25 years ago after I became allergic to the metal used in their frames and hinges, but who knows, there may have been advances made in their construction in the last quarter century...and if it's free, it won't hurt to try it out, will it?
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