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A little over a week ago, the 365 project on which I'd just started ground to a halt, when I picked up the third of the Harry Potter-novels and two days later found I had to keep reading right through to the end of the seventh book. I just couldn't stop; I had to know what happened next, and so I finished those five books in just under eight days. I did finish my first week of taking photographs before I became too engrossed in Harry Potter's adventures to care about very much else, though none of these pictures are anything to write home about.

The annual reminder for our tax self-assessment in its traditional blue envelope arrived in my letter box a week ago today. In Dutch, a tax assessment is called 'aanslag'; and, considering the primary meaning of that word is 'assault', I've always wondered whether that could be a coincidence.

I took this picture while enjoying a coffee with a friend on Saturday. It shows the clock tower of the Oude Kerk, known locally as the Haagse Toren (Hagian Tower). Like that saying that Cockneys are born within the sound of Bow bells, Hagenaars are born 'onder de Haagse toren'.

On Sundays, I like to have a hard-boiled egg or two for breakfast. But I've noticed that more often than not, 6 minutes is hardly long enough for some eggs.

I lost another contact lens today. I only noticed I'd lost it when I closed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the last time at 3:15pm, probably through crying and blowing my nose repeatedly while reading the chapter entitled 'The Prince's Tale'. I've been looking for it everywhere since then, but it seems to have well and truly vanished from the place where I sat reading all that time. If only Accio contact! would work in real life...
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