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Bitten by the bug

I'm bitten by the bug again. The travel bug. I've been stuck in Europe for too long now, and I need to get away again. I don't feel that I have to go immediately, but I do need to have some sort of plan, possibly a destination even, but definitely something to look forward to.

I sent off for some travelogues and this weekend, they arrived. All my favourite holiday destinations in the world: the Middle East, and the Sahara desert: it's been 2 years since I was there last, and I miss the wind, the sands, the sun, the silence.
Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, and the Yukon: places I've dreamt of visiting ever since I was a child, but have never yet managed to get to.
Australia: I'd love to go to Australia one day. I've got an auntie in the Blue Mountains, I'm sure she'd love to have me...problem is, I never liked her very much.
Criss-cross Asia on the Transsiberian Express; it's the reason I took Russian, after all (not that I remember much of it; just enough, I think, to order a plate of potatoes and freshly picked mushrooms before asking if they've seen my swimsuit anywhere).

But I think that after the first night's browsing, the idea of 22 days trekking in Nepal appeals to me the most. It's somewhere I've never been before, and I've always enjoyed the so-called active holiday over the kind where you're stuck in a hotel for 2 weeks. I like hiking, esp. in the mountains. And I'm a great fancier of (Far) Eastern cuisine. Rice, lentils, curries: yummy!

You should see the pictures in the brochure they've sent me: luscious green plains, serene, impossibly blue mountain lakes, snow-capped mountain ranges, Buddhist monks in orange and dark red...I'm sold. Question is: when shall I plan it?

I'm committed to going to America in June 2004, for the Moonlight Rising convention...but you don't think I'm going to waste half a day flying out just to spend a weekend in Pennsylvania, do you? No siree. I'm going back to New York, whether before or after the con, I don't care, and I'm going to stay there at least a week. I'm booking 2 weeks off just to be on the safe side. But what with the merger and the new terms and conditions of employment, that means I won't have 15 or 16 days left to go to Nepal later in the year. So maybe -- I should aim for March 2005. That should give me plenty of time to get ready, get fit(ter)...get some money saved up.

I wonder if I can find a Nepalese phrase book here somewhere? Hmmm...

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