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Project 365 - Day 22

Thanks to suze2000, I have found out that there are prompts for participants in the Photo-A-Day challenges, of which there appear to be several, to be found on the interwebs. I have no doubt that knowing this will help me keep this Project 365 going when inspiration fails me.

My route today took me to The Hague Central Station, which is undergoing a massive refurb at the moment. The present building was erected in the early to mid-70s, which means it was an ugly, low-ceilinged, dark and claustrophobic pile of concrete. I was therefore quite pleased to see that they'd taken out one of the façades since my last visit, allowing lots more light in. I'm kind of hoping they'll keep it open; or if they have to fill it in, use glass and plenty of it.

Tags: oh oh den haag, photos, project 365

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