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This coming Sunday, it will have been 4 weeks since my accident. My bruises have faded, the swellings have gone down significantly, and my lip, now sporting a fresh red scar, seems to be healing well. The deep gash on my shin has also finally scabbed over, and will probably leave a scar there, too. But my teeth...oh Lord have mercy! my teeth are in a right state.

I'd knocked one out, or so I thought. I haven't found it, and so at first I assumed I'd swallowed it. But as my face started to heal, I became aware of something hard and painful stuck up my upper jaw. This morning, my dentist confirmed my suspicion: instead of the tooth having been knocked out, it's been knocked upwards.

I expected him to start making preparations to extract it from its current position. It is causing me a (minor, but still) amount of pain and discomfort (it exerts pressure on the side of my nose, which is a most uncomfortable feeling), but he's decided to leave it in and let nature take its course - eventually, he told me, "the body will dissolve and absorb it" - though it may take a while.

We also found out that the tooth he put back when I saw him last month, hadn't re-rooted itself sufficiently secure yet, and so the splint holding it in place couldn't be removed. He recommended leaving it in for another 8 weeks, then check again. So in the end, and much to my chagrin, all my dentist was able to do for me today was clean and polish my remaining teeth, which needed this attention desperately, due to the side effect of the mouthwash I've been using for the last 4 weeks: it stains the teeth a particularly nasty-looking dark brown.

But at least my palate is healing nicely and I can now open my mouth wide enough to admit an electric toothbrush, and once it's finished charging (I went and bought one especially), I'll be returning to a more conventional method of dental hygiene. The horrid mouthwash is in the bin.
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