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Christmas dinners

I woke up with a helluva sore throat this morning, which means I'll probably spend New Years on the couch in my pjs with the tissues within easy reach. That's fine with me because I hadn't made any but the vaguest plans, and if I'm honest, I'd say that I've had enough champers, chow and company in recent days to last me for a few months at least.

Christmas Day was wonderful, truly it was, but despite my best intentions, I still ended up eating and drinking far too much. Even if you just have a nibble and a sip here and there, if there's too many dishes to nibble and too much wine to sip, you'll still end up feeling bloated.
There were 10 of us at dinner, which was of the traditional variety: oysters, salmon, and eel for starters; followed by a course of lobster soup; then the main course which was venison, served with mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, Brussels sprouts, chestnut puree and stewed pears; chocolate pudding and finally an assortment of cheeses and cream crackers to conclude the meal. All washed down with copious amounts of wine (2 kinds of champagne, 3 kinds white, 1 red and a dessert wine).

The next day, after a hearty brunch of scrambled egg, salmon and toast; and a brisk walk in the park and a heart-to-heart with P. who'd recently broken up with who she'd believed to be Mr. Right, I took my leave of the company and headed toward my next engagement: dinner with the family. Still feeling a little shaky, I forgot to stop off home first and collect the children's presents, resulting in my complete embarrassment when I got there and got presents thrust at me from every angle.
I've resolved to give them theirs now for New Years.

My sister is a strict vegetarian so we sat down to a dinner of tofu and mushrooms prepared in every conceivable way, and loads of broccoli. This made a welcome change from the previous night's plenty; and when I got home, I fell into my own bed happy and relieved that I didn't feel so full as I had the night before.

I went to see my Dad yesterday. I swear he's getting worse by the week. He made absolutely no sense at all.
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