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Night out

When suze2000 and her husband Darren visited The Netherlands last month, we met up for the evening, and these pictures were taken:

They were posted to Darren's Facebook but I'm re-posting them here for safe-keeping; to remind me of an excellent evening spent with two wonderful people who I hope to see again some day (in Australia, perhaps)!



May. 22nd, 2012 02:41 pm (UTC)
We truly had a great time, I'm sure Sue and Darren would agree.

As to my injuries: I was pleased to see they didn't really show up in the pictures, as whenever I look in the mirror I'm struck by how different I look to before; but luckily, most people don't seem to notice. My sister did when we went out for a meal the other night, but I would have thought it strange if she hadn't!

Basically, I have a scar on my upper lip, like a vertically running groove, and my left cheek is still partially swollen. And my teeth are still in a deplorable state, but as long as I keep my lips firmly shut, no one's going to notice.

I've been thinking of you & Frank, and praying for him to get well enough to come home soon.