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Out of the frying pan...


Don't mind me. Just had to vent.This morning's been an absolute shambles, and it doesn't look as if the afternoon, or the rest of the week for that matter, is going to be any better.

My last entry for yesterday mentioned that my colleague had buggered off for the day - this morning she's called in sick. Burn-out. Won't be back for at least a few months.
Two years ago, I began feeling the pressure myself and indicated that I could do with, no needed a minion or two to help me stay on top of things. I was working all the hours God sends and then some, hadn't been away on holiday for ages, and had become irritable and snappy (or more irritable and snappy than usual - truth be told, I have a terrible temper which, while mostly hidden under a thin veneer of civility, comes to the surface at the most inopportune moments...but I find yoga helps!). But first there was a hiring freeze, and a cost reduction programme, and then a merger with all the attendant re-shuffle and redundancies to be got out of the way; so it wasn't until last August when I finally obtained said minion. And then it took a while for her to learn the ropes, and for me to learn to delegate, so it wasn't until the beginning of this year that I could start to relax a bit, even plan to take a holiday...which thank God I did! because now it looks as if by the end of the year, I'll still be lumbered with more holidays than I can possibly take up.

Still, things aren't as bad as they were this time last year. No. They're infinitely worse. I got myself that second minion I had asked for all that time ago. He just got started May 1st. He's wonderful, with big brown eyes and a lovely smile...but he. Knows. Nothing. And I'm off on my road trip next week. Poor chap.
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