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I'm not sure how I did it, but between going to bed on Sunday night and waking up on Monday morning, I seem to have twisted one of my knees. There's no swelling as far as I can see, but for the past few days I have hardly been able to stretch my leg or put any weight on it; and when I do, the pain shooting down the medial side and up into the thigh is excruciating. I haven't been to see my GP yet, but maybe I should try and get an appointment set up fairly soon.

I also have a massive cold. I am not at all happy.

Also, because I had an interview last week, I have been on tenterhooks all through this one. They said they would aim to let me know 'before the end of next week', i.e. either today or tomorrow; and while I was quite confident of my chances as I left the building and for a few days after, but that confidence has diminished with every passing day until now, I'm quite convinced it'd take a miracle to land me that job.
Tags: health, injury, unemployment

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