Gamiila (gamiila) wrote,

Mum was burgled last night. She called to tell me all about it first thing this morning and nearly gave me a heart attack in the process. It wasn't that I was surprised at her sangfroid - after all, this is the woman who once saw off an armed would-be robber simply by pointing to her open mouth and telling him all the money she made went in there - but she's so much frailer now, and if I think of what could have happened...

The way she tells it, she had just turned in for the night when her bedroom window was forced open and she heard someone trying to climb through, so she threw the light switch and scared them off. She then called the police, who took her statement and provisionally mended her window; after which she went back to bed and "slept like a baby".

Mum lives in a ground floor flat in a rejuvenated part of an inner city neighbourhood. I've never been entirely comfortable with her choosing to move there, even if I have to agree with her that her flat is really nice, all light and spacious, with a little garden at the back - but it doesn't change the fact that the neighbourhood just isn't a good one. And, as it turns out, not a safe one, either.
Tags: real life

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