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I spent the early part of last week staying with a friend in Amsterdam, as a result of which I can claim to have been there for the abdication of Queen Beatrix and the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander...or if not there exactly, at least somewhere in the immediate vicinity of those momentous events taking place. The picture was taken at Museumplein, where during the day several acts performed on stage and after nightfall, André Rieu and his orchestra played their waltzes, though by then I was already on my way back home.

Last Sunday was the day of their First H. Communion for the children in my (and 3 other) class(es). Here are some pictures
(We had asked that the parents bring their children at 9:15 for the professional photoshoot prior to Mass, but many still arrived late and are missing from this picture - not my class though; they're all in there).

(Two of the three girls in my class of 2012/13, Saskia and Katelyn, looking pensive while waiting to process into the church)

(Nano, looking implausibly angelic while in reality, he's an imp...and one of my favourites)
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