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I'm reaching breaking point with regards to the amount of spam I'm receiving on this account - does LJ do nothing to combat it? What's the point of me Deleting as Spam 30-40 messages a day, when our host seems to be taking no action whatsoever? It's worse than on Instagram, where at least they do let you know they'll review those you've denounced as spammers accounts as soon as possible. Perhaps I should decamp to DW permanently, too? (but then, why bother, as I'm hardly here at all these days? Mind you, I wish it were otherwise - but it's not).

With all that's going on the world -civil wars, tornadoes, triple dip recession-, perhaps I shouldn't confess to being most upset at the news that Matt Smith has decided to leave Doctor Who, for fear of painting myself shallow in the extreme...but I can't help it: I am utterly devastated. IMO, his Doctor has been the maddest, funniest, wonderfullest incarnation of the character in recent years, and I had hoped he would stay with us for a bit longer...ah! if wishes were horses, eh?
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