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Social Capital: less than 10

I had double glazing put in the day after the storm passed through, in other words, while it was still cold and wet, and squally.


This is just a view from my bedroom, but for two days, I had the whole flat (front and back) open to the elements. Why can I never plan these things right? But now that these new windows are in, I'm convinced I did the right thing, even though I don't know how much longer I'll be able to enjoy them. Putting them in cost me my last penny; and as from April I will no longer qualify for unemployment benefit, unless I find a job -any job- in the interim, I will most probably have to put the flat up for sale as I will no longer be able to meet the mortgage payments.

Yes, two years after my last job came to an end, I'm still unemployed. Earlier last month, I was contacted through LinkedIn by an American company looking to expand their operations into Europe, and had several interviews with them via Skype. They seemed to be very impressed with me, and so was I, with them; and as we were already discussing my coming out to Sta. Barbara, is it any wonder I thought my years in the wilderness had finally come to an end? Hence the splurging of my savings on the new windows...But the day they'd specified for coming back to me with either an offer or a rejection came and went without a word. I gave them an extra 2 days before I started calling -- but only succeeded in getting straight through to voicemail. Left messages for them to call me back. Two weeks later, and I still haven't received a phone call, an e-mail, or even a letter.

And to add insult to injury, when finally I logon to LJ, full of good intentions about updating regularly, I find that my Social Capital is less than 10. Nice!
Tags: home improvements, job hunting, real life, unemployment

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