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California, here I come!

Right - I think I've got everything packed for a 3-week stay in the States!

The last month has gone by in a bit of a blur; I've enjoyed going in to work and I'm excited to think I'll be working out of the Sta. Barbara office for the next, but at the same time, I'm feeling massively guilty about leaving the cats on their own for all that time. My neighbours will be coming in twice daily to care for them (they've recently suffered the loss of their own cat and jumped at the chance to look after mine), so I ought to have no worries there, but still, I know I'll miss them and I'm sure they'll miss me, too. And I worry about what the flat will look like when I get back...

I'm not sure íf I'll get a chance to update this journal with my impressions of California, a destination I've not been to before and that I'm quite keen to explore - the hotel offers free Wi-Fi, but I won't be taking my laptop as I like to travel light, and I never like to use my smartphone for anything other than calling, texting and taking pictures. Which reminds me, first item of business will be to get an American SIM-card, as I don't want to come home to a massive roaming bill. After 2 years of unemployment benefit, and only one month's salary, I'm still on a budget after all.
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