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As promised:

This morning, I woke up with severe muscle pain from helping my mum put together her bookcases and chest of drawers, and unpacking the last 20 or so boxes of books, papers and household items to be put in them. That is to say, mum provided the commentary while I did all the work. I don't mind, but it never ceases to amaze me that the mother I knew growing up, who was very capable of sorting out her own stuff and other's, in old age professes to be totally help- and clueless about the tiniest things. Case in point: picking up the phone and enquiring whether the nearest GP's surgery to her present abode was taking on new patients. They're just down the road; she could have dropped in anytime. Yet she waited a whole week for me to come and sort it in less than 5 minutes.

Yes, Mum has moved into her new flat, and on the whole appears quite happy to be there. She's been there about 4 weeks now and is starting to make friends with some of her new neighbours, which I'm very pleased about; there's nothing worse than moving somewhere and not having anyone to talk to. Now all that remains is for the curtains I ordered to arrive and be hung, and the 48 boxes to be returned to the moving company (I do hope she will phone for their collection on Monday), and she can get on with the business of really settling in.

Meanwhile, I feel like I'm settling into my new job, which after 4 months may be about time, too. Even with the training I got in the US earlier this year, I'm still learning, as my responsibilities include service delivery logistics (which can be split into procurement, distribution, reverse and forward and to some extent, even global and green logistics) on the one hand, and contract and order management on the other; and sometimes -most times, actually- the lines are blurred. I've only got 2 more months to shine on my present contract, so I'm hoping things will slot into place with me making no more costly mistakes sooner rather than later. On the plus side, I'm getting on really well with my co-workers in Finance, SCM and Operations, and I'm building bridges with Sales as well, which makes coming to work each day an absolute joy.

The other day, while at work, I was approached by a headhunter who was hoping to introduce me to one of his clients for what turned out to be an interesting position, also with an American company in The Netherlands, in customer service workforce management. Considering my future at NHR is at this point by no means secure (although I'm hoping that the fact they've invested so much time, effort and money in my training so far will persuade TPTB to extend my contract beyond June, if my engaging personality and sunny disposition won't do it for me), perhaps I should have
explored this possibility. But my loyalty wouldn't let me. Isn't that strange? And possibly, to my disadvantage.

Anyway, I put him in contact with one of my former hp colleagues, who I knew to be in the Work2Work program (meaning she's being made redundant). Now she's going for an interview there on Monday. I wish her well, but I can't help but feel a little bit miffed at the same time: why couldn't any of my 400+ connections on LinkedIn have done the same for me when I was looking for work? Because I tell you, those 2 years in the wilderness have really sapped my confidence, although it is starting to come back now.


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Mar. 30th, 2014 02:30 pm (UTC)
Good luck with the contract renewal. I'm sure you'll kick butt.
Mar. 30th, 2014 06:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the vote of confidence!

And I hope from the bottom of my heart that your future too will be soon be secured.
Mar. 30th, 2014 05:28 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you have got your mother organised in her new place, although it does sound like hard work for you!

I do hope you get your contract renewed now you have been so magnanimous to your former colleague.
Mar. 30th, 2014 06:49 pm (UTC)
It has been hard work getting Mum organised; she'll call and ask if I'm up to 'emptying some more boxes', but when I'm there either declare she doesn't feel like creating more mess, or interrupt proceedings after 5 or 10 minutes saying it's time to go for coffee or lunch, depending on the time of day. I've got a sneaky feeling that she doesn't trust me to come round after all the unpacking's been done.
Mar. 30th, 2014 05:57 pm (UTC)
You are a good daughter. And hey, NEW JOB!!! I knew things would turn around for you.
Mar. 30th, 2014 06:40 pm (UTC)
They did; but it took forever. I'm not kidding: by the time this job that I'm in now came around, I was down to my last € 28.13. For the first month, I had to borrow my train fare and lunch money off my mum.

Things are better now, though. Still no pot to piss in, as they say, but no more debt, either.
( 6 Speak Like A Child — Shout To The Top )
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