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Scarred for life by the 70s

The January sales started way before Christmas, and I've been a very good girl: I've only gotten a few bits and bobs over the last weeks, but I haven't gone overboard...yet. Though I must admit there was a slight chance that I might a couple of days ago, when I spotted a pair of half-high, suede & patent leather, flat-soled, tiny-heeled, pointy-toed boots in orange, hard pink and apple-green, by Dick Boons, one of Holland's foremost shoe designers. I've been going back and forth between that shop and my place and that shop and other places several times now, each time trying them on and thinking, "Yeah - I like these; these go well with my...", and then shaking my head and giving them back. I'm sure I'm annoying the hell out of the sales assistants. It isn't that I can't reach a decision, or that I can't afford them. I know I want them, and I know I want them in orange (or possibly the cooler green, though I've got nothing to go with that other than black); and as to the price: well, they're not in the sales, but who cares? Nope, the thing that's holding me back is a bloody self-proclaimed trendwatcher's comment. "Pointy-toed shoes are so out in 2004!"

God, I hope not! I won't say I've got winkle-pickers coming out my ears, but I have got a fair number of pointy-toed footwear, some of which I haven't even had a chance to wear yet! I'm thinking, specifically, of my cream suede ankle-boots from Harrods, bought Dec 2002 and worn a grand total of 5 hours 43 minutes since date of purchase. Or my black&white zebra stilletoes, dating from Sept 2002, worn for 2 days in Oct of that year...until I scratched the right heel and put them away because I got the hump. Not to mention my lovely curly-wurly boots I purchased last Oct, was it? The ones I've been raving about ever since? And yes, the pair of boots I bought in Nov does have a more rounded toe, but I didn't think they were a foreshadowing of anything...

This self-proclaimed trendwatcher went on to say that in 2004, we'll all be going back to the block heels and round, convex toes of the mid-70s. Aaaaarrrgh! Can any image you conjure before you be more scary than that? Never in a million years will I go back to that style. It was traumatising enough the first time!

I can't look at the few pictures of me in family albums that are still extant of those days. I've managed to snag and destroy most of them, but the few still left show a young girl desperately trying to make the most of what's available clothes-wise, and failing horribly. The colours! The materials! The patterns! The horror! Going to a schooldance in a long pleated skirt of polyester, and the sleeves on that bodice...words cannot express the barfworthiness of it. And the shoes were ten times worse! So please, someone, reassure me that those days are not coming back to haunt me this year! I would rather die than wear those hideously clunky 70s shoes ever again.

Back to the sales, though. I have been good: I've only bought 2 jumpers and 2 pairs of trousers so far. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the label on the black jumper and it shrunk in the laundry, so I'm going to have to go back and get me another, which kind of defeats the whole 50% off aspect of it...but needs must. Contrary to what my mother may think, I never have enough black jumpers (trousers, skirts, dresses, coats, blouses, cardies, vests, bras, knickers, socks or pyjamas). Again, blame the 70s and the hideous colour schemes I grew up with.

I only noticed there was something wrong with one of the pairs of trousers when I tried them on for New Years (the shops were so jampacked with people that I didn't even bother to queue up for the cubicles) -- they didn't go all the way up! I'd grabbed a pair of hipsters, the kind of trousers I'd sworn never to wear because my belly? Nobody's business but mine. Besides, I'm usually cold enough as it is.
They are lovely though, a greyish-green tinneroy with 5 big pockets and zippers on the wide wide legs, and they tie up with a nice big bow in front. They're Diesel, and a bit skaterish...but when I wore them with my trainers, the seams of the legs kept scooping snow into my shoes so today I'm wearing them with heels to keep them off the ground. And so far, everyone seems so impressed with my hip new duds! Still feels weird though, them not reaching all the way up to my waist, but I expect I'll get used to them...if I get the chance to. Because that self-proclaimed trendwatcher I know? She says hipsters are so out in 2004.


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Jan. 5th, 2004 07:09 am (UTC)
You sound so much like me.

Sometimes you gotta just own the beautiful article of clothing even if you're only going to wear it once a year (maybe - in leaps years anyway - right? maybe)

Here's my forumula for tough decisions: which option makes you want to throw up more? Buying the boots, or not buying them. Let yourself really really feel the decision with your gut. Then follow whichever path is the least likely to make you barf. (Just illustrating my brain. No unsolicited advice-giving intended).

I have shopping story too. But it's longish, so I'll maybe post it in my lj.

Good luck.
Jan. 5th, 2004 07:46 am (UTC)
And I'll be interested to hear/read all about it. Because I'm shallow like that ;-)
Jan. 5th, 2004 08:34 am (UTC)
This self-proclaimed trendwatcher went on to say that in 2004, we'll all be going back to the block heels and round, convex toes of the mid-70s.

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! no, no, no. je refuse! i'm down to the aforementioned winklepickers of all sorts and vintagey round-toe mary janes (only like 10 pair). i even gag at the 80s "commuter" heels that are now available in jewel tones. nooooo!
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