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I have to say, my recent return to LJ hasn't been going exactly to plan. I had meant to be here a lot more, but I've found, to my shock and surprise, that most evenings I just don't have the energy to crank up the old laptop anymore. I tell myself it's because I'm rarely home before 7:30PM, and by the time I've had my dinner and done the dishes, it's almost time for bed. But that can't be it, as I don't recall I had this problem when I worked at hp and had a similarly bad commute...Perhaps it's just a question of getting older, or of -temporarily, I hope- being short on anecdotes.

Today's Ascension Day, which is a public holiday in The Netherlands...and it's been raining non-stop, leading me to skulk indoors for most of the day, with the exception of singing in church. I hope there'll be sunshine for Pentecost, as that will be our last public holiday before Christmas, and I'd really like a chance to do something nice and outdoors-y for my day off then.

For the last year of so, I've heard people praising the HBO-series Game of Thrones to the skies, and the other day, without meaning to, I came home with the first 3 seasons' box set under my arm. So the weather being what it was, I sat down and watched the first 4 episodes. I'm not sure yet, but I think I like it.
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