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Some things never change

I'm procrastinating in the worst possible way. I actually logged on this morning to do my annual tax self-assessment, which is due in by the 1st of May; but as you can see, other sites hold much more appeal for me than that of our equivalent of the UK's HMRC or US' IRS, de Belastingdienst.

I hadn't realised it had been a couple of weeks since I posted my last message here; I thought it had been just the other day, but I'll try to cut down on my absences from now on. LJ certainly has changed its appearance since I was last a regular poster, and I'll have to find my way around again, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough. If only I can think of something to write about! Hang on, I know: Poldark!

Back in the 70s, there was this TV series starring Robin Ellis and the late Angharad Rees, of which I had (and still have) fond memories. Now, the BBC have remade it, updated it for a modern audience. The pace has picked up, and there are far more scenes shot outdoors than I remember the original ever showing, and I do like to tune in every Sunday night for another episode...though I think I somehow do still prefer the original. Robin Ellis has a bit part in this series as a magistrate Poldark runs into now and again, and every time he's in shot, I squeal delightedly; but judging from the news I've read online, I seem to be missing the point of this televisual offering entirely, which is: to perv on Aidan Turner. It seems every UK news site I turn to (to check on the latest re: the various parties' election campaigns) these days is devoting an inordinate amount of print to the main character's appeal to the ladies...and to his woefully inept way of scything. Even though we only saw him engaged in this activity once, and for less than a minute, the picture of it is plastered everywhere. And I'm mystified as to why this should be, when Mr. Turner has appeared on our screens for years, and been pleasing to the eye for all that time. It's not as if in Poldark, he's taken his top off for the very first time, either. I've actually seen him butt-naked in Desperate Romantics, as well as in Being Human, but I don't remember the press getting hot under the collar in those instances...

Some things never change, and whilst I've been away from LJ, I have been adding to my shoe collection, although not as much as you might suppose. What with me having been in and out of work repeatedly, the last few years have been difficult financially, and I've had to curb my spending on non-essentials. So I've bought a few pairs of trainers (for everyday wear), and a few pair of dress shoes (for interviews), but nothing really fun - and crucially, nothing expensive. I have become a bargain hunter! Traditionally, I have always marked and celebrated the getting of a new job by getting a new pair of shoes:

red suede slingbacks 1994

no title

Jan 2011

and, in November 2013 when I got the news I would be working for NHR and go to California, I bought these:

Geox Dec 2013

You want to see the pair that will forever -in my mind- be associated with receiving my first pay from where I am now? Alright then:

April 2015

Cheap, cheerful, have the mighty fallen!
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