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Well, this is awkward...

...seems my last entry dates from 2 years ago (or almost).

Facebook reminded me that it had been 10 years since I'd set up my account. I know that for a time, I didn't use it; but for years now, it's been my primary social media outlet -- even though I fully recognise it leaves quite a bit to be desired. The thing is, the vast majority of my friends and family (both online and real-life) are there, so it's simply the easiest way to stay in touch with everyone (or almost everyone).

So, what's been going on with me, then?

I'm unemployed again, my 6th such period since my being made redundant from hp coincided with the global recession which is now, we are told, coming to its end. At the same time, I might add, as being told that the next one is just around the corner. The last 10 years have not been easy; holidays and travel have come to a standstill, but I still have a roof over my head and food in the larder, so it's all relative.

Mum has just celebrated her 85th birthday, though she doesn't believe she has much to celebrate there. She's been diagnosed as being in the early stages of dementia, hates the fog of confusion that descends on her at irregular intervals, and has difficulty walking and keeping her balance, so spends most of her days sat on the couch watching television. I take care of her the best I can, dropping in 3 or 4 times a week, doing the groceries, looking after her financial affairs, and trying to keep her entertained; but she misses her sisters and her friends who have all died, leaving her alone and lonely.

My own health has taken a turn for the worse as well: three weeks ago, I was told the coughing, shortness of breath and pain in the side was caused not by a persistent cold as I thought myself, but by lung embolisms in both lungs. Which I and my doctors still don't know how I could have gotten: I have not been on a long-haul flight, nor have I had any abdominal surgery in recent weeks. I don't suffer from varicose veins, or thrombosis in either legs or arms. I don't engage in sports or work out, but neither am I completely sedentary: I cycle and walk long distances. Finally, I do not appear to have breast or intestinal cancer. Anyway, I'm on blood thinners now, likely to be for the rest of my life; and slowly but surely, I'm getting my strength back.

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