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Every year since 1981, there's been a festival in my hometown called Parkpop (because it takes place in one of the municipal parks). At first, and up until 2014, all bands performed on the Sunday and the entrance was free. That's how I came to see INXS, Blondie, Marillion, Sinéad O'Connor, Robert Plant, Kula Shaker and Robbie Williams; as well as the very first time I ever saw Paul Weller live on stage. From 5 years ago, the festival which by now had begun to attract half a million visitors, was spread over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, and was no longer free: you had to pay for access to the park on Saturday when all the main acts play :-( Headliners have been Golden Earring, DJ Tiësto, Madness, and OMD. In 2017, they added the Friday night to the program as well, mainly for small local bands to be heard playing in a venue in the town centre. Entrance to the venues on Fridays and Sundays is still free.

This year, theheadline acts for me were:













I met a couple from Las Vegas, who had travelled to The Hague specifically to catch Tears for Fear's gig. They were on a European holiday, and were staying in Budapest when they heard about their favourite band coming to perform a mere 1,416.5km from their hotel. That's fandom for you!

Skunk Anansie were the closing act, but after having spent 6 hours on my feet in a huddle in front of the stage in what is basically just an open field in 35C heat, I decided enough was enough and retreated to a wooded area where I could still hear the music but not see very much.

Two days later, I went to see Stray Cats on their 40th anniversary tour Amsterdam stop.
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