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So my sister was supposed to take Mum to the dental technician for her umpteenth appointment this morning, but she texted to say her boss hadn't approved her request for leave -- resulting in me having to make a mad dash across town to get to Mum's, get her out of bed, washed, clothed and fed, and finally, into a taxi. We arrived at the dental clinic at 10:44, right on time for her appointment at 10:45 ;-)

Umpteenth appointment, I said: well, Mum broke her dentures sometime in February. Got her an appointment to see the dental technician about a week and a half later; apparently, they were very busy. Mum habituated herself to living on soup and porridge; then, she was seen. And straight afterwards, the corona crisis happened, and all dentists were closed for two full months. They've been allowed to open again halfway through May, but aren't operating at full strength yet, and so Mum's had to come in for multiple fittings, each 2 weeks apart. Apparently, her next appointment, two weeks from now, will be her last.

But...while we were there, I suddenly remembered: I had left the house with a pot of rhubarb on the hob! I tried to call my neighbour, who has a key to my flat, but as luck would have it, he was out. When the taxi came back to pick us up (Mum has a subscription), I asked our driver if, after I'd settled Mum back in her chair at home, would he mind racing me across town to my flat which in my imagination was already either ablaze or severely water-damaged? Thankfully, he agreed...and waved the fare, saying it was all part of the service! To give you an indication: since I don't have a subscription to a taxi service, I rarely if ever book one; but if I did, to cover the distance between my flat and Mum's, I would expect to be charged somewhere in the region of 30-35 euros.

Luckily, when we turned into my street, my apartment building still looked intact -- and although my rhubarb had more or less been incinerated, all that was required of me to make it alright was to turn off the heat and open a window.
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