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"Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory." ~ Albert Schweitzer

I can't remember whether I mentioned I suffered a lung embolism two years ago in January here; and even though I had regained most of my health in the months following, a certain breathlessness on exertion remained. But then that breathlessness became noticeably more noticeable, and people began to comment on it. They also began asking me if I'd lost weight, which pleased me greatly even though I didn't think I had...but then I began to feel dog tired, and not just because there were nights I couldn't sleep because my heart felt like it was trying to break out from my chest. Still, it took a couple of months and several people nagging me before I went to see a doctor.

Turns out, I have an overactive thyroid. And possibly Graves' disease (they're still testing for it).

So now I'm on medication: something to bring my heart rate down (and it does seem to work!), and something to stop my thyroid from producing any more thyroid hormones. Then in three weeks, I'll get other meds to mimic those thyroid hormones; and I have been told I should be taking those for the next year to year and a half. Then, we'll see if I can get off them.

The takeaway from this for me is: you don't lose weight without putting in any effort :-(.
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