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Sleepless night

I woke up from a dream at 3:34 this morning.

It wasn't a nightmare. On the contrary, it was a very nice dream, in fact. I was walking through a luscious green, watery landscape, taking pictures. And I was happy; laughing and talking pleasantly with my companion.

And the company I was keeping was exactly what lent the scene its weirdness, as it clearly was The Man Who Broke My Heart.

I hadn't thought about him in ages...well, not since I last bumped into him 20 months ago...wonder what it means?

After that, I just couldn't get back to sleep again.



Jan. 14th, 2004 07:19 am (UTC)
I am terrible at dream analysis

And I don't know anything about it! I don't even know whether I believe in it much, or at all really...

But the luscious green countryside I saw in my dream really made an impression on me. It had a look of Ireland about it, except that I had this strong sense that it was actually somewhere in my own country; and sure enough, there were no mountains or hills even.