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Before I forget what I should be doing

Things I need to sort out before tomorrow:

- prepare presentation for 15:00 hrs meeting
- practise spiel to give to mgmt in said meeting
- get 1st chapter back to bogwitch...sorry love, I keep forgetting to bring it in!
- get a life

Things I need to sort out before the end of the week:

- prepare for latest NPI (New Product Introduction)
- smooth over technical hitches experienced by several clients
- smooth ruffled feathers at both ends
- prepare first ever yoga class I'll be teaching (Sunday!)
- get a life

Things I need to sort out next week:

- get Dad an appointment with the neurologist
- get Dad an appointment with the optician; and take Dad there to get him new glasses
- write and post those letters I've been promising my ex-pat friends for ages
- Nienke's baby shower
- get a life

Things I need to sort out asap:

- book a flight to New York for June
- make arrangements for stay in New York
- get a life
Tags: real life, work

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