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Spent the entire day on the phone to BA, trying to sort out these travel arrangements. I'm not asking for the moon -- all I want is to book myself onto a specific flight because that's the flight that Cass will be taking out and it would be nice if we could travel to the US together. And, Julie's going to be waiting for us in Newark. Because Newark is the best option for flying into the con if you're flying intercontinental...

But it seems that BA flights from AMS stopping over at HTR only fly into JFK...

If I book a flight from HTR though, I can easily get to EWR.

However, the website doesn't allow you to pick and choose your flights like that. So I ring them, and am told that apart from having to shell out an extra 250 euros to suit the flights to my needs, I have to pay and extra 20 service fee per flight because I'm booking over phone rather than over the Internet! That's 80 euros! So I say fuck to that.
After a certain amount of whining though, I get them to admit that that is a bit unfair in my case and to waive the service charge. But by now, I'm not so sure I want to do it this way anymore.
Maybe I should just go to JFK and make a mad dash over to Newark in a cab, to meet up with my con buddies...

Hang on...Wasn't there a KLM flight arriving at EWR a few hours before the BA one? Yes, there is! Still, it's bloody expensive... AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!
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