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My head hurts

Woke up feeling distinctly the worse for wear, and spent half the morning huddled over the toilet bowl. I'm feeling marginally better now, except for the pounding in the temples and the heavy feeling at the base of the skull; the kind of headache that comes from having nothing in your stomach and lacking the courage to try and put anything in it for fear it'll all go to waste again. And all I had was one lousy g&t last night, so alcohol-induced this malady cannot be!

It's one of the things I hate most about winter. There's always some kind of bug lying in wait around the corner, and just when you've got shot of one, there's always another to jump up and get you. I wish spring'd hurry up and arrive already, then get the hell out the way and let glorious summer spread its warmth. I'm much better in summer. Well-nigh indestructible. When summer's here, I can't wait to get out of bed and do things; but in winter, it's quite another story. I can't jump out of bed -- no, I have to heave myself into an upright position creaking and groaning and have to move about sluggishly and painfully until my muscles have warmed up and I can put some spring in my step. I'm an old woman this time of year, and I hate it.

I had meant to come into town early and have the travel agent sort out this 'getting a ticket to NYC'-malarky, but I missed my chance of getting any kind of help with that today. When I looked in just now, the place was packed with holiday hopefuls, and looking at the grey skies and gleaming wet pavements, it's no wonder. I'm half tempted to book a flight to sunnier places myself, if it means I can go immediately.

Still haven't quite decided whether I'm looking to fly back on the Thursday or the Friday following the con. It'll be my niece's birthday that weekend and she can't quite conceive of a celebration without her favourite auntie there; but on the other hand, it's a whole day more of fun and shopping in the Big Apple if I go back on the later date. I can always put in a jet-lagged appearance, I suppose...
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