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...and yet I'm going to devote an entire page in my journal to the weather and work-related issues. You have been warned!

It's almost as if the entire country has been picked up and plonked down in Siberia by some unseen force overnight. Snowdrifts! Flurries of white tumbling from the skies! And it looks like it's staying on the ground, too! Of course, it meant I got dripping wet getting in to work, but I don't mind -- there's something about the sight of snow that releases the inner child in me and makes me feel like squeeing at the top of my voice. I live on the coast. We rarely, if ever, see real snow, the kind that stays on the ground. We mostly get sleet, which isn't any fun at all.

There's a large number of Russians living in my neighbourhood since the embassy bought a few properties, and when I got there, they were milling around the bus stop chattering enthusiastically. My high school Russian was just about sufficient to make out that they were as excited about the sudden turn in the weather as I was. They were making exaggerated comparisons to Mother Russia and joking about the bus being late.

Facing another busy day at work; the usual run of meetings, a Focal Point Review, a lecture on Why We're Not In The Fortune Top 100 Companies To Work For This Year And How We Must Pull Up Our Socks And Do Better Next Time, working on the March NPI and preparing the training for the HP Direct programme for our brand spanking new Galway back office, to be delivered on Monday. Due to the recent stricter enforcement of the cost cutting initiative we've been on for the past 2 or 3 years, I won't actually be allowed to go there; so that means I'm going to be tied up in Netmeeting all day that day, and probably for a large part in the days following as well. Thankfully the handover is set for Feb 16th, and then my involvement with this whole thing will be at an end...and not a moment too soon. The other day, a friend of mine invited me along on a business trip of his to Paris, and I had to decline the offer because of sodding work constraints! I'm telling you, when work starts to interfere with your personal life and you let it, you've taken your first step on that slippery slope towards soon having no life left at all. And I know I'm in the danger zone already, because I totally forgot about a date I had last night, and stood somebody up without meaning to. So the first order of business today: apologise profusely.

(bogwitch made me this icon to go with this post. She says I need to rebel. I think she may be right. Anyway, I'm touched.)


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Jan. 29th, 2004 05:35 am (UTC)
Oh, nice icon!

Not doing the corporate wage slave thing today. Doing the being sick at home feeling sorry for self thing. Blah.

We have snow too! Not much, I grant you but it's all twinkly and white and lovely. Can't wait until the kids get home so I can bully them into making snowmen with me. Just had a short stroll in the woods and it is so pretty with that lovely bright, winter-blue sky and all the branches picked out in snow. This is about the only type of winter weather I actually like.

You blew out a date?! What are you - mad? Good luck with the works bollocks - but even more so with getting your life back!
Jan. 29th, 2004 07:41 am (UTC)
Doing the being sick at home feeling sorry for self thing. Blah.

It's you now, is it? Well, at least you had to good sense to be sick on a workday. Somehow, I always manage to be sick in the weekends...

You blew out a date?! What are you - mad?

Yup -- I didn't mean to, honest! It's just, I forgot. It happens. Then, when I apologised, he wasn't best pleased when I truthfully explained to him that I'd completely forgotten all about him - he got into a bit of a strop at that. Men, eh?

Enjoy your frolicking in the snow with the kids! You're right, it's the only thing that makes winter bearable ;-).
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