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An offer I can't refuse

Mum mentioned that she'd be meeting a few people in the 'Indisch Huis' this lunchtime. It's kind of like a gentleman's club that's open to people from the former Dutch-Indies and their descendants; it's a place to wallow in colonial history, eat, drink, be merry and relaxed in an atmosphere of tempu dulu (good old days). I'd never been, but I've been curious about it, especially since Mum's started to embrace her heritage so much in recent years, so I asked if I could come along. Of course, she said, pleased as Punch that I've shown an interest.

And so I found myself chatting comfortably with a group of people I'd never met before, but with whom I found to my amazement I had an instant connection...it's not unlike the feeling you get when you've been travelling for 6 or 7 months and you suddenly meet a countryman, and it's so unbelievably nice to have the chance to speak your own language again even if only for a short while. And over kopi tubruk, roti kukus and lempur, I was suddenly asked whether I would be willing to come and teach Art History 101 to a Women's Circle, by one of the ladies present. It turns out she's actually the chairperson of this Open University-type organisation/institute.

I'm actually considering it. The pay is excellent, but that's not the most tempting aspect of the offer. It's the chance of sharing and imparting my knowledge of a certain area (in my case, architecture) with other people, and a reason for me to delve into my books and research papers again. I even have a basic idea for the series of 6 lectures she would like me to do. Anyway, I left my card and she'll discuss it with the rest of the board, then they'll contact me with a definite offer.

After last night's southwesterly, the weather had turned lovely and quiet, and after leaving the villa, we decided to take a walk into the downtown area, where I persuaded my Mum to buy a new pair of boots in the sales...and she persuaded me to buy a pair of black pumps. Not that I needed much persuading...They're a bit conservative, the shoes of a professional woman, but there's nothing wrong with having a pair like that in one's collection, is there?

I'm writing this in an Internet cafe. The music is loud and annoying and oh God, why did you allow No Doubt to cover Talk Talk's magisterial 'It's My Life', and fuck it up completely?



Feb. 2nd, 2004 12:14 am (UTC)
Honey, this is so you, you really have to do it.

Really, d'you think? Yeah, I quite agree with you. I know I can do it, it's just I have to fit it in with work and stuff. The offer's for teaching 1 class a week, for 6 weeks. I could take up some vacation days, but I'm still going to have to find the time to prepare for class, and between my ailing father and yoga teacher training, that may prove a bit tricky...but not impossible!