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This is the modern world

I ripped the duvet while changing the cover last night. I don't know how it happened, but suddenly the air in the bedroom was filled with feathers; a child's delight, but it didn't make me laugh. Instead, it made me feel slightly queasy at the thought of having to shop for a replacement soon.

I suppose I've had it long enough -- this one's lasted me since my student days, so it's about time it got replaced. But where do I go to find an eiderdown of the exact same quality? I have a sneaking suspicion they don't make them like that anymore. No -- they're probably better now, with many more unneeded extras to choose from.

I faced the same kind of dilemma when the washing machine gave out last year. It had rendered faithful service for nigh on 20 years so I had no reason to complain when the repairman told me it would be cheaper to buy a new machine than have the old one patched up. Off I went to the shops...and stared at the new generation of washing machines in confusion. Too many knobs and LEDs! My trusty old machine had had just the one knob, to turn from 'off' to 'on' and point to 30C, 60C or 90C. When I told the sales assistant that I wanted another one like that again, I remember he gave me an amused snort and then proceeded to sell me a model that came with a manual the size of a telephone directory, it has so many features. It's fine, but it's slower than my old machine. Before, the wool wash didn't last for more than 30 minutes; now, a full cycle lasts for 1 hour 18 minutes (there's a timer on it!), which I can bring back to just under 45 minutes if I switch off the anti-crease and whatnot (I just press a few buttons at random, I've no time to find out what they do individually). But on the plus side, the washing does come out virtually dry now...Oh well, at least I'm wearing my new shoes so nothing much can touch me now.

Janet Jackson's tittie took pride of place on most of the morning's papers' covers, and everyone agrees that whatever happened there on stage, it wasn't an accident. Just another cheap publicity stunt, like Madonna and Britney kissing last year. Uh huh, yes -- well, if it's such a cheap publicity stunt, not worth mentioning, then why, oh newspaper men, do you have to fill so many columns of text and pictures with it?

In closing: happy birthday, onetwomany!
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