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Validation's such a buzz!

I wonder what time it is in Singapore? Could it be like in the middle of the freaking night over there? Could that be why my Asian counterpart hasn't gotten in touch with me all day...because he still asleep?

Looks like I won't finish my task this week, if this Jasper guy doesn't answer my frantic e-mails some time in the next 1 1/2 hours...but I'm strangely unconcerned. And unrepentant. Life's too short, as the saying goes, and never a truer word was spoken.

So, I was keeping an eye on my inbox, and suddenly there was this message from someone from RL that I hadn't been in touch with for a while. I like getting e-mail from people I know other than through work. I think it would be fair to say that I'm slightly addicted even to e-mail of a non-work related nature. And I especially like the kind of non-work related e-mail from people that have actually met me that says, and I quote: "You are one of the most fascinating people around."

Because sometimes, you know, I'm not so sure. If truth be told, most of the time I think of myself as this 13 to a dozen kind of person, that just pretends to have this interesting life so that the far more fascinating people who have added this journal to their FLs won't get too bored or disappointed.

So Tiger, if you're ever reading this: cheers, mate! That was a really nice thing to say!
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