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Happy days - the high school meme

Was reading through jonesiexxx's journal, came across this meme, and decided to steal it...if for no other reason than to see whether I've understood the instructions in the FAQ for posting images correctly:

School and Year you graduated:
Tijmstra Atheneum, The Hague. The year, I think, was 1982/3.

In The Netherlands, children get streamed at 11-12 years old. The atheneum is one of the two types of preparatory schools for university. It differs from the other, the so-called gymnasium in that it does not offer Greek and Latin; or if it does (as in mine), it is not mandatory for the pupils to take classes in it

Number of people in your graduating class:
18, if I've counted correctly (and assuming everyone was present the day our graduating class was captured for posterity - BTW, I'm the girl in the middle in the black jumper and cognac capris). We were a small, privately funded school.


Nickname in high school?
'Volvo'. Don't ask.

Sport you were into?
Dodging PE lessons. Got to be very good at it, too.

Had a circle of friends?
Sort of. Fell apart shortly after graduation, though. Mostly because, unlike the others, I didn't go on to study law.

Best subject?
Languages, history.

Worst subject?
Maths, sciences, economics I & II.

It got to that point where my maths teacher resorted to simple blackmail to ensure he'd never have to explain anything to me again: he'd let me have a passing grade if I swore I would drop maths from my curriculum. I liked nothing better.

A teacher you owe life lessons to?
Mr. Bouma, who taught me that life doesn't stop at retirement. He'd been a successful business man all his working life but roundabout the age of 70 decided he wasn't ready to be put out to pasture yet. Instead, he became a history teacher, and a good one at that, too. Very inspirational.

Describe in one word...
Grade 10: Don't remember
Grade 11: Don't remember...but fun, I think
Grade 12: I don't think I was there all that much...

Your best friend was?
Karin. We're still friends...I think. Haven't spoken to her in ages. Must give her a call one of these days!

Worst friend?
Tamara Winkler. Pretended to be my friend, but was really only interested in snagging my guy. Didn't succeed.

Cafeteria food sucked?
Not in my last school. The janitor made a wicked egg mayonnaise sandwich...But there was usually a caff not too far down the road.

Wore uniforms?
No uniform. But there was kind of an unspoken dress code (notice how all the boys wore blazers in that picture?), which I mostly ignored.

How was the prom?
No prom. It's not a tradition in The Netherlands. We did, however, have school discos, or parties at people's houses. The latter were the more popular venues because you could get drunk and/or high at people's houses, and not at school...or you could, but there'd likely be more unpleasant consequences: your parents might be told.

Who were the prom king and queen?
Because there's no such thing as a prom, there aren't any prom kings or queens either.

Any achievements?
Champion pinball wizard for 3 years running! Plus, dab hand at Pacman as well.

Were you popular?
Fairly. Probably because I changed schools so often, I never really belonged to any particular clique, but tended to end up on the fringes of everyone's circle of friends.

Best song that reminds you of high school?
Spandau Ballet's Gold. It happened to be played a lot at all the parties we had in our last year.
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