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Ta mère suce des ours dans la forêt!

Dear Natasha,

Hope you don't mind me writing; it's just that there's more than one thing I need to ask you.

Where do you get off, spamming my livejournal with your asenine exhortations to go see Mel Gibson's film on the passion of Christ? If you think this is in any way helpful to get people to watch it in droves, think again!

What do you care whether I'm a Christian and have seen the light? Why ask me that dumb question almost each and every day?
If you're hoping to drum up support for your own narrow-minded and bigotted interpretation of Christianity in this way, don't bother!

Lastly, why tell me my journal is interesting and you like the lay-out of it, when it is abundantly clear to me that you do not mean any of it? I thought one of the Ten Commandments was that thou shalt not lie?

You see, Natasha, all you're succeeding in doing, is to piss people off and if anything, more resolved not to go see that movie you feel so strongly about. And because I doubt that you'll take any argument that I might make into consideration, I have no alternative but to disable the option for posting anonymously to my journal. Unfortunately, that means that from this day forward, no one who isn't on livejournal themselves can post their infinitely more interesting and welcome replies to any topic I decide I want to discuss on this here webspace that I pay for.

I don't mean to be rude, as rude as you; and I would explain in more detail, but frankly, I don't think you'll ever see, not in a million years -- and I'd only waste another two valuable minutes of my life with your insincerity.





Feb. 13th, 2004 03:12 am (UTC)
Who is this person who is spamming people in the name of Jesus?

I don't know. I'm not even sure that it's just the one person and not a whole Sunday school class! The last message I received on the subject of that film and how happy whoever wrote it was they were saved was signed 'Natasha', so that's the name I used to rail against! ;-)

I was always registered users only for comments

I've relented somewhat. I'm now screening anonymous posts.

I love a bit of evangelical-happy-clappy bashing.

I must admit that when I can spare the time, I'm always happy to have an exchange of ideas with the Jehova's Witnesses and Mormons that ring the doorbell on occasion. I may be a lapsed Catholic, but I know my Bible, and can argue with the best of them! Come to think of it, I know my Q'uran and Bhagavad Gita, too; so I'm never short of a few answers!