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Back to our regularly scheduled programme...

When I came home late last Friday, I found that bogwitch's package had arrived. Yippee! Tired as I was, I wasted no time in inserting the video in the slot, sat back to watch Winding Roads...and had a hard time not falling asleep before 2 minutes had elapsed.

The word "dire" does not even begin to describe this film. Rarely have I watched anything as unashamedly soporific as this flick, and this despite the best efforts of one of the best actors around at the moment. Although, best efforts? JM's clearly trying, but this performance isn't his best by a long shot.

What's wrong with this movie? Well, it rambles. The storyline's simple enough (woman who makes table tops agrees to marry a guy, then falls pregnant; her moody cow of a friend dies and woman decides to leave town and have baby on her own) but the characters are flat, the dialogue is far from brilliant, deep, or even mildly amusing, and the camera's trained on people far too bloody long. And the soundtrack! The soundtrack is both the longest (check out the end credits!) and the most annoying in the history of motion pictures!

Luckily, the next night was db2305's and my not so regularly scheduled Angel-night, in which she shares with me her DVD-downloads. This time, we watched the episode in which Lindsey (so that's Lindsey! I thought he only had one hand?) puts Spike up in an apartment with a single bed, and says it's not as if he's going to be sharing it with anyone any time soon (??) and Angel's lying about with a jellyfish stuck to his chest; followed by Damage (how lovely to see Tom Lenk again!) and the final Cordy ep. Wonderful viewing. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I love Spike. Have I mentioned how much I love Spike, this year? Because I do: I love Spike.

I love Andrew, too. Especially when he launches into the retelling of his epic Slayer of the Vampyre-speech. And chokes on his pipe. The scenes between Spike and Andrew were the best I've seen so far.

And it's not true that DB can only do one facial expression (constipated): I swear I saw him do panic -fleetingly- when he looked down to find a whopping big blue jellyfish attaching itself to his chest! In another scene, he also managed to convey 'clueless' quite well. And I think I actually saw him smile at the resurrected Cordy.

BTW, I loved that Cordy episode. A worthy send-off for a beloved character. Very well done.

Then yesterday night, it was time for the BAFTAs. I couldn't stay awake to see all of it, but one thing I feel I must say: what was Emma Thompson wearing? It looked like a soft pink satin sheet held together with safety pins at strategic points, which is fine if you're still sophomoric enough to go to toga parties -- but someone should have told her that a) that colour did nothing for her and b) she really is past the age where she can go braless and get away with it. Very, very unflattering!
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