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I really should know better. If you want to take time off work, book it like 6 months in advance. Don't wait until, going through your diary one day, you suddenly come across a week that hasn't been booked solid with meetings and the like; or until you start biting your co-workers' heads off at the slightest thing and they start giving you angry looks; or until you wake up one day, have a look in your wardrobe, and think "hey! another a shopping spree at Monsoon wouldn't go amiss"...because if you do, you're more than likely to find that your co-workers, fed up with you snarling at them all the time, have already taken up that exact same week you've got in mind, to go skiing.

Oh well. At least this new moodtheme by raebird's slapped a much-needed smile on my face.
Tags: real life, work

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