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Lazing on a Wednesday afternoon

Blue skies, no wind, and a weak spring sun shining down on The Hague -- I came awake, I saw, and I just couldn't get myself to go to the office. Instead, I've taken the day off, and am quietly enjoying it; first by taking a stroll along the beach, then by going down to the harbour and getting some nice skate fresh from the sea for dinner tonight...and now I'm in town for coffee and the chance to catch up on my e-mail, because there's no question about it: I'm addicted to the Internet and the means of electronic communication.

I never would have guessed, back in '92 I think it was, when I took part in my first 'conversation' over Surfnet, that a decade later I couldn't go a day without expressing myself through a keyboard anymore.

I used to write letters to people, page upon page of news. These days, they're lucky to get a hastily scribbled postcard from my holiday address -which reminds me, perhaps I will send in a few belated postcards in the Save Angel campaign- ...but mostly, unless they've got e-mail, they never hear from me. Oh least I don't text.

Because for some reason, my mobile is still a mystery to me. It's got all the latest gadgets (except for the camera, more's the pity), but I hardly know how to use it to make calls. The games, the WAP, the ringtones, the radio...I couldn't care less about these options, and as for texting: I tried it a few times, but I found it far too cumbersome to try and decipher the messages I received back. And if, after a while, I had learned how to read messages purporting to be in English; the ones I got from people writing in what they claimed to be an abbreviated form of Dutch remained deeply puzzling to me. I suppose I could download a texting dictionary from somewhere, but I find it easier not to bother with the whole thing. Hey! It's a miracle I even remember to bring my mobile when I go anywhere. I never switch it on, but I do check my messages once every so often. Usually people telling me to call them back now, and 'now' being 3 days ago.

You want to catch my attention? Send me an e-mail. It works much better!
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