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Still 18 more working days left to this month...

Sh-ugar! Just broke a nail -- why do they make these cardbard boxes fit so damn snug around the paper packs? And why am I always the one to risk life and limb in order to refill the printer trays? Ow ow ow!

Another hectic day at work -- no sooner had the production cab files been released or sales mgmt discovered that their pricing policy could be described as 'somewhat uncompetitive', rendering the data they'd provided us with to build their sodding sales database null-and-void. If we wouldn't mind doing it again, but this time, if we could please compress the whole process into 1 day...Luckily, I am not a developer, so I didn't have to stay and work late yesterday; but I did have to spend most of today checking that all environments are up and running, and correct to go with it. I'm tired and my eyes are burning.

Oh well, only 3 1/2 more weeks and I'm off. Don't know where to yet -if anywhere-, but I'm going to make the most of that period of dolce far niente I've got coming. Wonder if I can persuade Caroline to show me Birmingham? I've never really been up there yet...

In the news this morning, the surprising solution to the problem of secularisation the bishops, currently on their ad limina visit to Rome, have suggested for The Netherlands: a return to 'a traditional Catholicism'. Really? They think that'll help, do they?

Equally surprising was their frank admission that even though 31% of the Dutch may profess to be Catholic on paper, the real percentage is a lot lower than that, possibly as low as 13%. And there are fewer than 1100 priests active...Interesting figures, those.

Now let's see, who's my favourite Spike according to Quizilla:

Buffy's bitch
Buffy's bitch
Your fave Spike would do anything for Buffy. He's Dawn's big brother, Buffy's sextoy, and protector of Buffy friends when he has to be.
Your favorite part of this Spike though is that you get lots of naked Spike. Away from the shallow side, you love the Spike who loves Buffy beyond all. The Spike that would let her use him, that would get his soul for her.

Favorite Spike
brought to you by Quizilla

Really? Erm...let's try that again:

He's a bloody animal
Bloody Animal Spike
You prefer Spike the scooby against his will. Able to fight, but in the end still evil.
You like how he looks naked, but don't think he could ever be redeemed.
Your favorite Spike is a bloody animal, and you like him that way.

Favorite Spike
brought to you by Quizilla

Ah, I get it: it's the Naked!Spike thing. Well, who doesn't like to see a bit of that?
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