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Weekend report

I got roped into meeting some second cousins umpteen times removed, just off the plane from someplace called Laverne, CA. yesterday, and spent an uncomfortable couple of hours being hugged, rubbed, kissed by and making smalltalk with people I basically didn't know from Adam, despite apparently having 'seen' some of them at the tender age of 3 weeks old. As soon as I could think of an excuse (a phantom prior engagement that I could see my Mum at least didn't buy), I escaped, politely expressing my regret that I probably wouldn't be seeing them again before they returned to the States, and assuring them that if ever I were in the neighbourhood (of Laverne), I'd drop by.

I'm a bit worried about Jason, a casual acquaintance, whom I haven't heard from in the last week. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have given it a second thought, only I belatedly remembered his place of work is in Alcobendas, Madrid. He's not a close friend or anything, just someone I know through work (somehow, I seem to have made it onto his distribution list for funny e-mails, which I receive from him from time to time and hardly ever bother to open - why do guys, as soon as they get hold of your work e-mail address, decide to spam you with jokes? Women almost never do!). I'm sure he's alright, but I think I'll place a call to Spain first thing tomorrow just to make certain.

I was glad to see 2,8 million Spaniards rally against terrorism, although I'm cynical enough to believe that it won't do any good. The perpetrators of this sort of mindless violence generally have such twisted minds and tunnel-vision no protest will ever make them stop and think; they'll just carry on regardless.

As will I. I lost a colleague to the Bali bombings 2 years ago, and a friend of a friend got injured in the Istanbul attacks last November, but none of these experiences have ever made me afraid to travel or go to places where these incidents are likely to occur. In fact, I hardly ever think about it. A bomb could go off in Wardour St any time, but I'll still go there to get my Chinese takeaway!

Which reminds me, Caroline did extend that invitation for me to come visit in Birmingham I was angling for, although she did mention that there's nothing but Balti houses up there, and perhaps I'd be better off just coming up from London for a day or two. Hmmm. Frankly, I can't imagine why, if that's the case, she's still up there herself. As she's currently between jobs, and is letting out her house, I don't see why she's not taking up one of our other friend's offers to come work with her up in Huddersfield. But she seems strangely attached to Brum, although orginally, she's from Humberside.

I'm off to my Yoga Teaching Training again in a minute, so I'd better logoff for now...but I'm sure I'll be back again tomorrow with more news of the not so much variety. This LiveJournal thingie is seriously addictive!
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