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Dynastic news

Juliana, our former Queen, died yesterday. She would have been 95 next month. And a few hours after losing her mother, the Queen became a grandmother for the 3rd time: Prince Constantijn's wife gave birth to a baby boy early this morning, Claus-Casimir. Seems like the House of Orange will go on, at least for another generation.

I was born and grew up during Juliana's reign. She was a warm and caring woman, everyone's favourite grandmother, quite different apparently from her mother (who became Queen on the death of her father way back in 1890) and from her own daughter, who is much more brisk and business-like (but who has done a splendid job as Queen, I think, since taking the oath in 1980).

Strange to think that she's gone. It seemed as if she was going to go on forever, although she hadn't been seen in public for a while. Her death, it's not unexpected...yet in a way, it is.
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