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Another day in the life...

If you missed me here yesterday, that was because I was off-site for a follow-up training on employment law: fascinating stuff and no, I am being serious. I always enjoy sinking my teeth into a hypothetical or not so hypothetical case and showing all of my fellow trainees how clever I am.

Off-sites...I'll never understand why they always have to have them in remote locations, among fields and forests, and then make them go on for far too long for me to have time to go exploring and enjoy these places.

But as is usual on these trips, I hung around for the socialising too long, drank too much since the boss was paying anyway, and didn't come home until way past midnight (and how come there can be tailbacks on the motorway after 11 p.m.? -- and no, don't worry, I wasn't the designated driver!)

I could hardly rouse myself from bed this morning...then remembered I wanted to see my dentist. Lovely man. He put my jaw full of novocain and made my face feel funny all day, but it's started to wear off and it's being replaced with a mother of a headache. Think I'll give yoga a miss tonight, 'cause I just can't stop yawning!
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